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The World's Best Sleep!

What does good sleep mean for you? Maybe it's the first condition for starting the day off right. Or it may be the power that lets you endure life's daily stress. Or it may simply be your safe haven after a long day.
Good sleep means different things to different people. Yet, its importance is appreciated by everyone. Quality living, peace and health are intricately dependent on good sleep.
Quality mattress is the precondition for that good sleep. At Istikbal we know very well what good sleep means. We're not manufacturing just mattresses, we're manufacturing the necessary conditions for your quality sleep for an improved living.
53 years of manufacturing expertise and know-how have been combined with the latest technology and investments to provide a solid basis for delivering great sleep. The most developed spring systems, foam technology options, and highest quality raw materials are used for the best results. We are proud to present customised sleep solutions developed by our team of experts for delivering the best sleep.
At Istikbal, our main priority is delivering the best sleep and living options for you. We know that delivering the World's Best Sleep is the key for your healthy living.