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Sleepwell Energy Mattress - Istikbal Furniture
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Price List - Sleepwell Energy Mattress


Provides the best sleep environment to regain the energy spent throughout the day and to wake up refreshed.  Firn on one side and soft on the other provides alternate comfort options. The removable pad can be used on either side.  Istikbal’s specially developed Quantech Sleep Technology helps you regain the energy spent through the day. 

·         Quantech Sleep Technology mattress pad is removable and washable.  

·         Special Viscogel Foam

·         High density foam side support system

·         Mattress Pad can be use on either side

SL Continuous Spring System 

Mattress Features

Mattress Height

Real Guarantee

All Istikbal mattresses come with a 3 year guarantee on filling material and 10 year guarantee on spring frame. Widespread dealer network dedicated to providing quality service is your trusted Istikbal guarantee.

Viscojel Technology

Viscogel technology foam; made with the combination of Microgel foam and Viscolex foam. The micro beads within the Viscogel foam provide a more luxurious sleep environment compared to regular foams, with perfect support for your whole body. Viscogel foam is more comfortable than regular foams and keeps cooler. Viscogel eliminates perspiration problems some sleepers face with regular visco foams, due to viscogel’s higher heat conduction capacity. The microgel structure provides improved air passage compared with regular foams.

Quantech Sleep Technology

Mattresses made with QUANTECH SLEEP fabric help us regain the energy spent throughout the day with its special feature that helps disperse blood cells homogenously. The QUANTECH SLEEP fabric also helps maintain body heat in balance throughout sleep. The cottony fabric structure provides a natural silky feel. In addition to the water repellant and anti-bacterial features, this special fabric also has deodorizer feature to help prevent odors.

SL Continuous Spring Technology

Developed especially for those who want a full orthopedic or firm mattress. Continuous Spring System uses twice as many more springs than the other spring systems and provides for more contact between the mattress and the body. The springs are connected to each other so they move convurrently and evenly with the pressure dispersed throughout the system, thus hindering spring deformation. Istikbal is the only brand in Turkey to offer mattresses using this system. Mattresses using this high suspension spring system include Istikbal’s Orgaflex, Doubleform, StressFree, Sleeplex, Comfort and SL Optimal.

Firm Side – Soft Side

Firm on one side and soft on the other for varying comfort options on a single mattress.

Washable Pad

An extra comfort feature provided on some Istikbal mattresses. Found on Biomagic, Clima Natura, Viscolex Plus and Stress Free mattresses. The zipper system allows for removal of top pad layer as needed for washing.

Support Foam

The thick foam barriers surrounding some Istikbal mattress around all sides prevent deformation.

Water Repellant Top Layer

Water repellant top layer retards liquids from penetrating the mattress even in case of spills.

Product Dimensions

Mattress Height 27 Cm.
Viscojel Technology
Quantech Sleep Technology
Firm Side – Soft Side
Washable Pad
Water Repellant Top Layer